Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

FAQ- Space Scooter Game (Messi Edition).


  • What will happen with my prize during Covid-19 restrictions?

Your prize (Meet & Greet) will always happen under conditions when it is safe for winners to fly, enter a football stadium and meet Messi. We will arrange together with Messi a safe date for the Meet & Greet.

  • When will the Meet & Greet find place?

We expect to do the Meet & Greet with Lionel Messi in early 2021; since several winners will be selected and at that time, we all hope there is a solution for the Corona virus. Then a safe trip can be arranged for all price winners.

  • If a youngster wins the Meet & Greet, what then?

If we have a winner of an age younger than 18 years, this winner needs to be accomplished by an adult/parent. That is also the reason why the Meet & Greet is for 2 persons.

  • Can I exchange my prize for money?

No, it is not possible to change your prize for cash.

  • Will I have costs for winning a price?

We will try our outmost to send all prizes w/o costs to the address you have given us.

For the Meet & Greet, we will arrange: return flight tickets (Business class) from your country to Barcelona (Spain), transport to the 5-star W-hotel in Barcelona including breakfast and dinner, transport in Barcelona from/to the FC-Barcelona stadium (Camp Nou) to see a match of FC Barcelona, Transport from/to the location of the Meet & Greet with Lionel Messi (and you can bring 2 items you like to be signed by Messi), transport back to the airport in Barcelona, all for 2 persons.

  • How will you inform the winners?

All winners will be announced on our website: and will receive a digital message from us to confirm address an information, so prices can be send.

  • Does Messi support this game?

Yes, we do have a contract with Messi, and they have given us the publication rights to use the images we are using and give full support to this great game, with its very exclusive prizes to be won. And off course Messi will be present at the Meet & Greet.

  • How are winners selected?

Out of the tickets won by the players, there will be a winner selected for (daily)prizes by the team of SpaceScooterGame/WTSI BVBA. Employees, relatives and/or companies, and its employees, working for the game are excluded from participation and cannot win priczs. Winners agree to have their profile/picture shown on the website: and the related social media channels of the game; this is done for transparency of all users so everybody can see the winners of the several prizes.

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